Friday, 7 June 2013

Almost to the prize!

So, the title of this post is a little misleading. I really just wanted to find a phrase that would allow me post this photo of my dog chasing a tennis ball. Because she's adorable. And she was trying really hard.

But we are indeed almost crossing the finish line with Keep it Beautiful! The real fun is about to begin!

I'll be reading alongside some amazing Tightrope talent at the Spring Book Thing/Backyard Party on June 26th. Open Book Toronto has all the deets. This is sure to be a fantastic event with lots of cool literary-ness abounding. The Acrobat launch back in March provided a bit of a preview of Tightrope's upcoming spring list, and I'm excited to see all the finished books in one place for the first time.

And then July will see Keep it Beautiful officially launched in a gorgeous venue with some rockin' live music and other yet-to-be determined fun. I'll read, sign books, and maybe we'll even dance. All are welcome, nay encouraged, to come out, buy a book, have a beer, and just generally keep things beautiful. Check out the deets on my events page!