Saturday, 2 March 2013

T-5 Days to Launch(ish)

As I spend this weekend preparing for the launch of The Acrobat and my first reading from Keep it Beautiful, I've been humbled to receive the book's first blurb.

The incomparable Ibi Kaslik, author of the New York Times bestseller Skinny and The Angel Riots, had this to say:

"Ward's marginal characters ––geriatric shoplifters, lovelorn gamblers, Zellers employees, OCD municipal workers–– are curious curiosities. Ward lifts the everyday and everyman and transforms absurd disappointments and fragmented joys of the quotidian to reveal a fresh, intimate compassionate perspective, as all gifted writers do."

Okay, enough revelling in self-satisfaction, there are only five days left before Keep it Beautiful has it's official debut reading!

Also to come, more “Been Reading” thoughts. This time on Lydia Millet's Love in Infant Monkeys. Who could resist a book with this sentence in the jacket copy, “Sharon Ston'e husband's run-in with a Komodo dragon, Thomas Edison's filming of an elephant electrocution and David Hasselhoff's dogwalker all find a home in Love in Infant Monkeys.” WHAT? You know you want to hear about that!